• Traffic Lights
  • Road Lighting
  • Data Networks
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Static Sign Schemes
  • Design and Construction of Subdivisions

We provide design services to local and state government, developers, and some of the largest consultancy firms in the country.

No matter what your mode of transport you will have seen our design work somewhere in your travels.  We have designed infrastructure in all major centres of the state.
You will see our designs in all sorts of places:

  • At Lamondra Drive on your way to catch a flight (Client - Brisbane Airport Corporation)
  • Travelling by bus on Brisbane’s Eastern Busway Project (Client - Aecom)
  • Visiting friends at Townsville City Hospital (Client – UDP Consulting)
  • Shopping at Drayton in Toowoomba (Client - Empire Engineering)
  • In all major centers and even some mines

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Trafflec partners with SPA consulting for road lighting designs in regional Queensland.

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