Robina Exit 82

Project Details

Robina Exit 82

Pacific Motorway - Gold Coast
Completion Date: 
Feb 2013
Contract Value: 


Construction Deliverables included:

•   5km of underground conduits, pits and electrical cables

•   105 foundations for lighting, signal and CCTV poles—including in bridge

•   88 Major road lights

•   2 sets of traffic lights

•   CCTV & ITS routers

•   ITS communications cabinet nodes

•   ITS communications Optic Fibre Network

•   Design and production of software

•   Detection systems

•   System testing and commissioning

Key challenges included:

Staged construction, under traffic on both motorway and local road networks.  With the roundabouts carrying over 45,000 VPD. 

Construction during the day limited to between 9am and 3pm.

Early commissioning the traffic signals at the converted roundabouts to allow for construction staging and traffic switches.

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