About Us


We provide services statewide wide in the fields of:

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Electrical Reticulation
  • Traffic signals
  • Road lighting
  • Solar and Specialist Lighting
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • General Electrical Contracting

Our Team

Our team is comprised of industry experts and includes:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Traffic Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Designers
  • Software Developers
  • Para Professionals
  • Civil construction crews
  • Electrical construction crews
  • Data Communication Technicians

Trafflec’s head office is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and is supported by depots and resources located in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area.  Our area of service covers Qld, NSW and the Northern Territory.  Since the company's inception in 2007, we have completed, and continue to undertake, projects in the metropolitan area and every major regional centre in the state. 


  • Road and Bridge Construction – Road Authorities Nationally – Level R2B1F25
  • RMS [NSW] traffic signals, level TSX1
  • Local Buy (LGAQ) – all regional councils, Traffic Signals
  • Sunshine Coast Council - Roads, Signals and Lighting
  • Sunshine Coast Council – Design Signals and Lighting
  • Moreton Bay Council - Roads, Signals and Lighting
  • Gold Coast City Council Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Gold Coast City Council Traffic Signals and Lighting
  • Main Roads – Rate 3 Lighting

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